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Travel toiletry bag

Travel toiletry bag
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Travel toiletry bag is transparent and resealable. The bag measures 20cm x 20cm and it can hold a maximum of 1 litre bag of aircraft. It helps you keep travel bottles safe and speed up your speed during airport security checks. 

Zip bag is made from 100% recyclable EVA (plastic-free and PVC-free and BPA-free). It is easy to clean as its surfaces can keep objects free from moisture and dirt. Just wipe clean and allow to air dry if necessary. You can also use it as a storage bag to store your snacks or food.

Lightweight and waterproof transparent toilet bag is also your faithful companion in everyday life as well as when travelling. It is used by thousands of satisfied customers as an organised bag, snack bag, beauty case, outdoor dry bag, toiletry bag, hanging sponge bag, hand luggage travel accessories, double kit, etc. It is suitable for luggage, backpacking, camping, sports, gym and more.

EU & UK & US airport safety approved!

*Two toiletry bag in pack!

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