Traveling with Kids - Airplane, Part 3

Traveling with Kids - Airplane, Part 3

We continue with our series of blog posts about traveling with kids. In the first post, we covered ticket purchase and packing. The second post focused on trip planning, choosing accommodations, getting to the airport, and boarding the plane. In this post, we will provide some useful tips on how to survive a flight with kids and successfully reach your dream destination.

While many parents feel anxious about flying with young children, the demands of traveling by airplane are not greater for a child compared to a long car or bus journey. As we mentioned before, children up to two years old sit with one of the parents (lap infant). During takeoff and landing, they are secured with a belt connected to your seatbelt. Takeoff can be interesting for slightly older children, but it can be stressful for babies. It's recommended for breastfeeding mothers to utilize this powerful tool and feed the baby during the flight. 😊 This way, the child will feel safer and, with some luck, sleep through most of the flight. Of course, during longer flights, I have experienced various situations, and you can expect your child to get nervous at some point. It's recommended to bring an ergonomic baby carrier on the plane and, during moments of restlessness, put the baby in the carrier and walk around the cabin. Always have some new light-up toys or rattles with you to keep the baby entertained for a while. Some airlines are well-equipped for traveling with kids, so we recommend choosing better airlines for longer journeys. I had a very positive experience with Emirates, which provided baby food, picture books, and other entertainment options that can make the flight easier with young children. They also offered the option of attaching a baby bassinet to the wall in front of your seat, allowing you to always keep an eye on your child. Unfortunately, I wasn't lucky enough to have my baby sleep in the bassinet, but it served as additional storage space. 😊 Be sure to pack all the necessary baby toiletries and a small set of diapers, so you have everything within reach if needed. Establish a routine of sleep, feeding, and walking, and you will be able to handle longer flights without major issues. It's normal for a baby to cry on the plane, and even though it might bother other passengers, it's important to stay calm. Babies can pick up on your nervousness, which can make them even more upset and restless.

Flying with slightly older children is easier. Make sure to provide them with entertainment to reduce the chances of boredom during longer journeys. Bring crayons, notepads, stickers, coloring books, snacks, small travel-friendly games, and anything that will make them happy during the flight. If you need ideas on what to bring, check out our online shop category Kids, where you can find various travel accessories, toiletries, and compact entertainment options specifically designed for traveling with children. In case of restlessness and fidgeting in their seat, take a walk through the plane together. They will find it interesting to sit by the window, which will give you at least half an hour of peace. You can also engage them by talking about what they will see on the journey and the daily activities they can expect, if you have tailored the trip and activities to their needs, as explained in the second blog post.

When you finally land, make sure to wait until the crowd disperses and most passengers have exited before calmly packing your children's belongings, putting the baby in a carrier if needed, and leaving the plane peacefully. You just have to wait for your luggage, and then you will have arrived at your long-awaited destination. If you brought a stroller on the trip, check if you can get it immediately upon exiting the plane or if it will be waiting for you at the baggage claim. If you don't find it on the baggage claim, don't panic, as it often comes out on a separate conveyor belt for oversized baggage. The same applies if you brought a car seat. The car seat will either come out with the rest of the luggage or on the oversized baggage belt.

Step by step, you have survived the flight with your children. In the following days, give your best effort to make your travel experience with children worthwhile. Relax, enjoy, and rest. And remember, if you're not relaxed, your children won't be either. That's why we always advise: Live Cosy. Travel Cosy. Choose Cosy...

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